Glass Options


There are many different styles and shades of glass available for each application. Windshields generally come two ways-Shaded or Tinted. A shaded windshield has a darker tint than the rest of the glass that extends a maximum of 4 inches down from the top of the windshield. In all cases it boils down to a matter of preference and/or cost. Sometimes the shaded is more expensive than the tinted and vice-versa. All are usually interchangeable.  Other factors to mention when requesting a quote are whether your windshield has a rain sensor, light sensor, night vision, condensation sensor, electro-chromic mirror, antenna, or other hardware that may be embedded in, or attached to the glass. Supplying the Vehicle ID number will help us determine the exact fit for your vehicle if you are unsure.

Automotive glass is usually blue, green, grey, smoked or bronze. Windshields are typically blue or green but may also be bronze. Grey, smoked, and sometimes bronze may be referred to as a privacy tint in the industry and are typically easy to identify because in most cases you cannot see through them from the outside of the vehicle unless you are standing within a few feet. A simple way to determine the color of your glass is to hold a white piece of paper against it. Below are some examples that may help you determine which tint color applies to your vehicle.